Between Good and Evil

This radio drama follows three parallel stories. Camilo, Augustin and Roberto live in the same city but they don’t know each other and they will never get to meet each other. Even though their lives are completely separate, they do match up on one point: the three men face the same constant challenge to prove their manhood.

PCI Media Impact produced the weekly radio drama Entre la linea del bien y el mal in order to address sexual diversity issues in rural and semi-urban regions of Jalisco, Mexico, where “machismo” and homosexuality are usually not addressed.

The HIV and AIDS prevalence in the total population of Mexico is 0.3% but approaches 15% for men having sex with other men. Additionally, Mexico has the second highest “machismo” ranking in Latin America.

Universidad de Guadalajara

Targeted youth ages 12 – 19 years old in Colotlán, Lagos de Moreno, Ocotlán, Ciudad Guzmán, Autlán, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara.

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