Aquí No Pasa Nada
(Cusco, Peru)

Lucero is turning 15 and her parents are so preoccupied with the preparations of her Quiceañera party they are not communicating with Lucero or her older sister, Rosa. Meanwhile, both sisters are struggling. Rosa worries about being a young, single mother and Lucero suffers an attempted rape. After these unpleasant experiences, the family learns to communicate better and develop mutual trust.

Valery and Dany are dating and are sexually active, but they don’t use any protection. Dany travels frequently and has several sexual partners. Valery discovers his infidelity and ends the relationship, but fears she might be pregnant. In the end, Valery learns to advocate for herself and Dany overcomes his fears and has a rapid HIV test.

Aquí no Pasa Nada is a radio drama designed to promote access to information about sexual and reproductive health, gender, HIV/AIDS, STIs, and teenage pregnancy.

30% of Peruvians are between the ages of 13 and 19, and many lack the information and access to family planning services promised in Peruvian law. Data shows no more than 2.5% of adolescents use contraceptives.

Red Sida Cusco

400,000 people in three locations around Cusco, Peru

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