Alcanza Tus Metas (Reach Your Goals)

A few months ago in the town of Ameyapan, Tlaltenango, a plague fell over the coffee plantations, greatly reducing the crops of many coffee growers, among them Tello. No one has insurance and everyone is trying to meet prior commitments in every way they can. Tello is one of the few that had savings, however he has committed to support the town festivities and had arranged to use almost all of his savings to this. He is a man of his word and can not back out. In addition, Tello was planning to pay for Amelia’s (18 years of age) university studies with production surplus that he usually gets, but that this year won’t be able to have, she will have to wait for next year. To make matters worse, Jonathan, Tello’s son who has never been a great student, has just failed almost all school courses and wants to get to work, but not with his father but in his own food business. He asks her mother, who has excellent credit, to ask for a loan so that he can buy what he needs, his father opposes it but Jonathan has promised her that he will pay her back so she agrees. This situation is the background of what happens throughout the story…

Alcanza Tus Metas (Reach Your Goals) was developed in partnership with Freedom for Hunger and the MetLife Foundation in Mexico with the intention to test the effectiveness of a mix of communication methods (EE, SMS and digital games) to promote behavior change in regards to savings and better use of financial instruments. A key partner to the program, Caja Zongolica (a local credit union), will test the effectiveness of the program directly by monitoring bank accounts. The program will produce a 7-episodes audio drama and animation, SMS and games that will be inputed in tablets to be distributed in a sample of households in Zongolica, Veracruz, Mexico with clients from Caja Zongolica, a local financial organization that promotes financial services. The program is including a rigorous experiment design to test the effectiveness of EE in combination with other program components, such as SMS and digital games to promote savings and financial inclusion.

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