Agua de Angel

Rosita is on a perilous mission. Raging forest fires caused by illegal slash-burning threaten to consume the forests surrounding her highland village. She must find a way to stop these devastating fires, because if the forests go up in smoke, so too will the livelihood of her people.

If five year-old Rosita does not accomplish her imperative mission before the angel of water fades from the façade of the town’s quaint chapel – as the angels of land and fauna have already done – the village’s last vestiges of hope will vanish forever.

Agua de Angel is a radio campaign designed to prevent the devastating effects of human domestic and agricultural activity on the region’s water sources.

At an altitude of 3,000 feet, and with a population of more than a million people, Valley of Angels is home to extensive rain forests where hundreds of waterfalls pour into rivers. According to organizers, maintaining the pristine environment is a priority to local environmentalists and is critical to the livelihood of local farmers.

The initiative was born out of Radio Data System’s desire to inform and engage local residents in the campaign to end destructive behaviors. Certain issues center on the burning of forests and the dumping of household waste into the local river.

Red de Desarrollo Sostenible
Consejo de Cuencas Valle de Angeles
Programa Focuencas II de Catie

3.5 million Honduran citizens

Audience quote

“I always admired the power of radio soap operas. Now my voice is part of one that’s incredible!”
– Don Jose Dolores, a 70-year-old actor on “Agua de Angel”

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