UN Web TV Features Comics Uniting Nations

Comics Uniting Nations, a collaboration with UNICEF, Reading With Pictures, Graphic India, Purpose, and a slew of stunning comic creators, was profiled on UN Web TV! To watch the spot, click here. The project aims to tell stories about each UN Sustainable Development Goals in the visual language of... Read more  »

#ISurvivedEbola Campaign Sweeps Film Awards

The #ISurvivedEbola Campaign, a global campaign that places Ebola survivor stories at the center of efforts to inform, protect, and inspire, has garnered several prestigious awards in 2015/16. Some have been granted to the series of documentary short films detailing the narratives and messages of hope... Read more  »

Comics Uniting Nations launches climate change comic for children at COP21

PARIS, 10 December 2015 — As world leaders continue to convene at COP21 to reach an agreement on climate, Comics Uniting Nations launches a comic to help children and young people understand the effects of climate change. The comic, Chakra – climate change, features one of... Read more  »

Punta Fuego Celebrates a Successful First Season as Belize’s Hottest Radio Drama!

  Belize City, Belize, December 10 — The first season of Punta Fuego may have come to a close, but thanks to its roaring success it will officially be back on air next June! By the end of its first season the hit radio show has... Read more  »

Grenada Declared Winner of “This is Who We Are” Marine Conservation Competition

Grenada won first place at an award ceremony in Dominica last week which celebrated conservation campaigns on six different islands. The campaigns are part of a regional initiative, “This Is Who We Are,” that promotes the importance of protecting marine and coastal ecosystems. The ceremony was... Read more  »

ECMMAN Award Ceremony Announced

News sources across the Caribbean previewed the November 18 ECMMAN award ceremony in Dominica. The event marked the end of a communication competition implemented by PCI Media Impact and The Nature Conservancy. Teams from Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint... Read more  »

Sean Southey Speaks on Comics Uniting Nations

After a panel seat at the 2015 New York Comic Con, PCI Media Impact CEO Sean Southey spoke to Europa Newswire. He discussed the inception of "Comics Uniting Nations", which is putting the Sustainable Development Goals into comic form. Read the full interview here. Read more  »

"Let's Speak Out" Campaign Hits Liberian Press

In October 2015, we re-launched our campaign to end sexual violence against children in Liberia. Its initial 5 days of rallies, concerts and speeches in Brewerville, Liberia caused a surge in national press coverage. Read one front page article here. Read more  »

Comics Uniting Nations Featured by UNICEF

Olav Kjorven, UNICEF’s Director of Public Partnerships, has lent his personal voice to our most recent collaborative project, Comics Uniting Nations. He has spoken widely on the power of comics to change the world and push forward the United Nations SDGs. Read his case here. Read more  »

Eastern Caribbean Countries Compete in First-Ever Conservation Campaign Contest

Protecting coastlines always requires cooperation from entire communities, but for the first time in the Caribbean it will also require competition. In this region, where some of the world’s most beautiful islands are connected by turquoise water, sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs, the ECMMAN public... Read more  »


In partnership with the Uganda Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (U-PCLG), PCI Media Impact today launched a conservation music video (and related materials) titled:“Imagine Bwindi” to commemorate World Wildlife Day, 3rd March 2015. The song and video celebrate the many beautiful... Read more  »

#ISurvivedEbola Campaign Goes On-Air In Liberia, Expands to Sierra Leone

Follow the #ISurvivedEbola campaign at: CONTACT: Carolyn Kindelan, Communication Manager at PCI Media Impact,  +1-757-675-2110, is available to respond to media queries and to liaise with campaign staff on... Read more  »

Survivors Take Spotlight in New Campaign to End Africa's Ebola Outbreak

Follow the #ISurvivedEbola campaign at: CONTACT: Carolyn Kindelan, Communication Manager at PCI Media Impact,  +1-757-675-2110, is available to respond to media queries and to liaise with campaign staff on... Read more  »

#ISurvivedEbola New App in Newsweek Article

#ISurvivedEbola has launched a new, interactive mobile app that allows Ebola survivors to connect with each other and share health information. Newsweek shares how PCI Media Impact tackles Ebola through story-telling, serial dramas, and an interactive app. To read the article, click ... Read more  »

PopSci on #ISurvivedEbola and Reducing Stigma

#ISurvivedEbola informs the West African general public about the virus and Ebola protection. PopSci explains how the campaign reduces stigmatization and shifts the international narrative around the Ebola outbreak towards hope.   To read the article, click here.   Read more  »

The UN Foundation Blog shares William's Story of Survival

Ebola survivor William Poopei narrates his story of how he and his son, Patrick, contracted and recovered from Ebola in Liberia. To read the article, click here. To watch William's... Read more  »

#ISurvivedEbola featured in Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs features the #ISurvivedEbola Campaign and highlights the video and audio initiatives with a focus on how the campaign is designed  to provide life-saving health ... Read more  »

CEO Sean Southey & the #ISurvivedEbola Campaign on CNNi

Last week on CNN international, Media Impact CEO Sean Southey unveiled the innovative #ISurvivedEbola campaign and its crucial role in the fight against Ebola. The campaign is funded in part by U.S philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft and founder of Vulcan Production: Paul G.... Read more  »

Survivors Take Spotlight in New Campaign To End West Africa’s Ebola Outbreak

MONROVIA, Liberia – The #ISurvivedEbola campaign has kicked off with the release of the first in a series of videos that feature Ebola survivors from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea sharing their stories and perspectives with the world. The multimedia campaign is the first to... Read more  »