The #ISurvivedEbola Campaign Wins Two Shorty Awards for Social Good

November 22, 2016

Survivor-led Media Campaign Helped Eradicate Ebola in West Africa


NEW YORK, Nov. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The #ISurvivedEbola Campaign, produced by Vulcan Productions and PCI Media Impact, has been honored with two Shorty Awards for Social Good: Best in Business to Business, and Best Work for Developing Nations. It was also a finalist in the categories of Emergency Relief, Public Health and Integrated Campaigns. This multi-platform initiative launched during the West African Ebola crisis: a coalition of survivors used narrative media and storytelling to curb the outbreak. It has since received international recognition, with 16 awards and 4 nominations including from the Webbys, the Rockie Awards, New York Festival, and the Global Film Awards.

#ISurvivedEbola was launched in the fall of 2014 in collaboration with UNICEF. The 30 short films at the heart of this campaign document the experiences of Ebola survivors from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. It also features radio dramas in 12 languages, billboards, music videos, and a strong web presence. These stories were broadcast through local, national and international channels to educate West Africans on crucial health recommendations while dispelling myths and promoting survivor reintegration.

Sean Southey ­– CEO of PCI Media Impact – accepted the awards for the survivors at the campaign’s core:

“PCI Media Impact has produced social and behavioral change media for over 30 years. As the Ebola crisis spread, we realized we could use our expertise to shift the narrative around the pandemic. With support from the Paul G. Allen Foundation and Vulcan Productions, we helped survivors tell their own stories, fighting stigma while sharing life-saving information with those who needed it most. We accept these awards with gratitude and appreciation on behalf of the courageous Ebola survivors who put their communities first, sharing their stories to save the lives of others.”

As a result of its integrated platform approach, #ISurvivedEbola reached more people in West Africa during this crisis than any other media campaign in history. An independent review shows that nearly 50% of the population in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea came into contact with the campaign. It found that people exposed to the campaign were more likely to engage in lifesaving behaviors and welcome survivors into their communities.

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