June 30, 2016

Whiteboard Animation on Violence Prevention Wins Telly For Film/Video and People’s Telly Awards

NEW YORK, 30 June 2016 – PCI Media Impact, an innovator in international Entertainment-Education, and Chocolate Moose Media, the world leader in creating animation for social change, shared two awards at the 37th Annual Telly Awards. The winning video, an innovative whiteboard animation designed to prevent violence against children in Malawi, won a Telly award in the Film/Video and in the People’s Telly award categories. The project was sponsored and funded by UNICEF Malawi in close coordination with the Government of Malawi.

The animation was used to help showcase the findings from Malawi’s Violence Against Children and Young Women Survey (VACS) for a decision-making audience. The purpose of the assignment was to promote the findings and suggest an action agenda for follow-up. Coming on the heels of UNICEF’s Global Action for Children, this campaign engaged all stakeholders – government, institutions, corporations, communities, families and individuals – to demand and foster change for every child… especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

The video emphasized the vast scale of the problem of violence against children in Malawi. It conveyed the message that the majority of children in Malawi experience violence (physical, sexual and emotional) and that they have a fundamental right to be protected from danger.

Earlier this month the video was showcased at the 2016 Media for Social Impact Summit at the United Nations by Sean Southey, CEO of PCI Media Impact, and Firdaus Kharas, Founder of Chocolate Moose Media.

“When creating animations for social change, we always have to imagine that we have an audience of one — of the one person watching at any given moment,” Kharas told the Summit audience.

“We now know the power that storytelling can have to open people’s eyes to critical issues, and to shift behaviors and social norms,” said Sean Southey, CEO of PCI Media Impact. “This whiteboard animation has combined facts and storytelling to provoke a meaningful discussion on violence prevention in Malawi. We are honored to accept these two Telly Awards on behalf of UNICEF and all those who stand to gain from this work.”

PCI Media Impact is a pioneer and world leader in Entertainment-Education and communications for social change. We empower communities worldwide to inspire positive social and environmental change through storytelling and creative communications. For over 30 years, we have used a unique capacity-building approach to advance the wellbeing of vulnerable populations by improving knowledge, shifting attitudes and changing behaviors on critical social issues. For more information about PCI Media Impact, visit: www.mediaimpact.org.

Chocolate Moose Media is the world’s leading producer of animated behaviour-change communications aimed at solving health and social issues around the world. Chocolate Moose Media, led by renowned social innovator, director and humanitarian Firdaus Kharas produces animation, documentaries, videos and television series designed to educate, entertain, and change societal and individual behavior. His goal is to positively influence viewers’ knowledge, attitude and behavior, especially that of children and young adults, in order to better the human condition. Over 3,400 animated videos in 90 languages are available online. For further information visit www.chocmoose.com