Ombligos al Sol (Bellybuttons to the Sun) wins 2003 Population Institute Award

July 23, 2013

In 2003, the Population Institute (PI) awarded PCI Media Impact’s radiobroadcast Ombligos al Sol (Bellybuttons to the Sun) the Global Media Award for Excellence in Population Reporting under the category of Best Radio Program.

As an international non-profit that is attuned to the world’s gross overpopulation and its negative repercussions, the Population Institute (PI) promotes universal voluntary family planning; PI educates policymakers and the general public on the importance of pacing births and slowing fertility rates, and increases access to family planning methods and services, enabling individuals around the world to manage their sexual and reproductive health.

The program for which Media Impact was awarded, Ombligos al Sol, was aired from 2000-2005 in Mexico and was produced by Media Impact and local partners in an effort to promote healthy attitudes and behaviors in youth populations surrounding love and intimacy. Through a weekly half-hour mini-drama aired on Radio Educación 1060 AM, call-in show, and music, this production has reached an audience of over 194,000, educating adolescent populations on social and health concerns such as substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, date rape, HIV transmission and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), eating disorders, and domestic violence.

To learn more about this award and program, visit The Communication Initiative Network.