Let’s Speak Out Completes Its First County Tour

June 23, 2014

PCI Media Impact is proud to be partnering with UNICEF Liberia, the Liberian Ministry of Gender and Development and the African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN ) to support a powerful innovative anti-rape campaign in Liberia: “Let’s Speak Out.”

From June 12 to June 14, PCI Media Impact carried out the tour of Grand Bassa County on behalf of the Let’s Speak Out program, which is combating violence against women and children. With a high focus on musician engagement with the public, events included radio talk shows on Magic Radio and Radio Gbezon, two school visits at Kpanay Town Public school and St. John Elementary and Junior High School and culminated in a six-hour concert and ceremony in Buchanan held at the Fairground Pavilion.  At the ceremony on June 14, with both government and NGO representatives present, we aired a premier anti-rape video intended for a global audience

The radio talk shows that took place in two local radio stations were attended by musicians, a well-known comedian, PCI Media Impact and other partner representatives. Both lasted 45 minutes and allowed the musicians to discuss and answer questions about the Let’s Speak Out campaign. The shows emphasized the role that musicians and other artists can play in ending violence against children, especilaly girls, and the different strategies employed by the campaign to do so.

radio 2 Radio

During the school visits, approximately 235 students, teachers, administrators and students’ parents learned about the objectives of the campaign and opportunities to participate, in addition to being entertained by famous Liberian performers Takun J, Peaches and Nesseman. The musician performances significantly contributed to student understanding about the issues of rape and abuse, and explained how individuals can prevent violence and seek legal justice in response to violence.

 school visit 2 school visit 1

The concert, held at the Fariground in Paviolion Hall brought together approximately 420 young people, in addition to Sheldan Yett, Country representative of UNICEF, Nettie J. Deopoh, County Gender Officer and Rebecca Mendeah, Buchanan Mother’s Club. As a main component of the concert, we aired an anti-rape documentary that tells the story of a young girl who is raped by an elderly man and eventually decides to tell somebody about the assault. Additionally, Kpokolokpaia, a local comedian, performed.

Thereafter, Takun J performed Where You At, an anti-rape song, and then gave an hour long concert, performing Song For Hawa to discuss the meaning of the song, the girls home that inspired it and the issue of rape. Additionally, Peaches, a female musician much admired by girls and young women, performed Different Intention, which tells the story of an attempted rape. The third musician, Nesseman, performed his song Why You Raped Her, along with two more songs that employ Entertainment-Education methodologies with regards to ending rape and violence against children.

performance 1 performance 2

All in all, the first county tour, which is to be followed by several others, was a roaring success. During this week, together with our partners, we trained teachers, visited schools, distributed the Sara Let’s Speak Out comic books, disseminated information via popular musicians on the radio and hosted a large concert with the aim of ending violence against children. Students, school administrators and community members all donated their time in making these events a success, a true marker of the progress, engagement and effectiveness of the program. Stay tuned for the more on the next tour in Liberia, starting on June 19.

Nettie Doeroh Kids

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