#ISurvivedEbola Wins 2 Shorty Awards


Read about the awards on the Shorty Awards for Social Good website.

The #ISurvivedEbola Campaign, which used an unprecedented integrated platform approach, has now won two Shorty Awards for Social Good – Best in Business to Business and Developing Nations – and named a finalist for three more. This numbers among many awards received by the campaign, but the Shorty Awards stand out: they don’t only speak to the quality of the campaign video and radio products, but to the campaign’s multimedia approach itself.

As a result of this approach, #ISurvivedEbola reached more people in West Africa during a crisis situation than any other media campaign in history. Nearly 50% of the total population in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea is believed to have come into contact with the campaign through radio and television. An independent assessment showed that people exposed to the campaign were more likely to engage in lifesaving behaviors, and welcome survivors into their communities.

The survivors highlighted in the campaign became emissaries for an inclusive, non-discriminatory message that helped reintegrate other survivors into their communities.

The campaign was also groundbreaking in the way it highlighted the experience of Ebola survivors. Vulcan Productions and PCI Media Impact were the first to put a human face on Ebola survivorship and helped pave the way for survivors’ wider social acceptance.

The #ISurvivedEbola campaign garnered significant coverage in high-profile news outlets worldwide resulting in over 370 news sources publishing elements of the press releases and 10 major articles in the West African press that uniquely covered the campaign. This press coverage, when combined with media coverage of the campaign through vehicles such as Facebook and Twitter, resulted in 380 million unique monthly visits to the campaign related sites.