M&E Communications for Change Programs

June 14, 2017

M & E in Communications for Change Programs: An Invitation to Dialogue and Context in Program Assessment On May 10, 2017, Rain Barrel Communications and PCI Media Impact organized a seminar in NYC featuring well-known author and Program Evaluation expert Dr. Saville Kushner*. It was attended by 25 international development professionals from UN agencies and NGOs. […]

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Saving Oceans through Comics

June 13, 2017

How can we save the ocean? How can we spread awareness? How can we mobilize kids to be the superheroes who solve the problems of tomorrow? Through comics! Comics Uniting Nations , our partnership program with UNICEF and Reading with Pictures, is excited to announce the release of its latest comic, Annie Sunbeam and Friends: Protecting Life Below Water . Comics Uniting Nations makes the Sustainable […]

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Onstage in Uttar Pradesh

May 12, 2017

Radio Drama Addressing Air Pollution Performed as Community Theater In Raja Talab, a village in the heart of the Indian state Uttar Pradesh, the biggest event of the year is a celebration of Women’s Day. This year, people from 15 villages spilled into Raja Talab to hear empowering speeches from women accomplished in business, in politics, in media. One […]

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Peru and Bolivia, Hand In Hand

November 1, 2016

Cross-Border Efforts to End Human Trafficking   When a local radio station in Copacabana, Bolivia began broadcasting our radio drama Raíces de Violencia in 2015, little did they know that its audience would reach across national lines.   The station, La Voz del Santuario, was one of 40 local partners selected to be part of […]

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Comics Partnership Takes Center Stage

October 30, 2016

Comics Uniting Nations at NASDAQ and Comic Con   Our Comics Uniting Nations collaboration with UNICEF calls on the mighty world of superheroes to share the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a new generation of real life heroes. The stories are written by renowned comic creators, and distributed through The World’s Largest Lesson’s global […]

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100 Weeks in Mozambique

September 15, 2016

Radio Drama Strengthens Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Ouro Negro was born in 2013 as the flagship program to promote UNICEF’s Facts for Life in Mozambique. It is now so popular that 70 radio stations across the country are airing the drama. Ouro Negro is the most reliable popular source of information on safe child […]

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Cecilia’s Story

July 8, 2016

Peru—Cecilia, a young girl from a settlement in Pucallpa, Peru, was 14 years old when she turned her own life around. Once a frustrated kid who struggled in school, feeling repressed by tough authorities and gender disparities, she joined a youth group as an early teen. With her peers, she would volunteer with the elderly, […]

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Belize’s Punta Fuego Celebrates Responsible Fishers

June 5, 2015

Every Wednesday evening radio waves across Belize pick up Punta Fuego, the fiery narrative of passion and betrayal that follows the transformative adventures of a young fisherman named Ritchie. The radio drama, a collaboration between the Belize Fisheries Department, PCI Media Impact and the Wildlife Conservation Society, draws in listeners with its dramatic characters and […]

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#ISurvivedEbola Creates an Advocate

May 29, 2015

The smooth voice of Marlon Johnson, a Liberian radio personality, is a staple of the country’s national airwaves. Today he is an Ebola survivor advocate, and host of PCI Media Impact’s radio call-in show Ebola Is Real — part of our #ISurvivedEbola campaign. But Marlon was not always an outspoken defender of this stigmatized group. […]

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#ISurvivedEbola Voices Inspire International Community

March 30, 2015

For three days, a sea of expectant faces peered up at a stage in Minneapolis, Minnesota to hear from leading international peacebuilders at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. Attendees waited to be inspired by their personal heroes, big-name presenters such as Jimmy Carter. At the conference’s panel on Ebola crisis response, this inspirational tone was […]

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