Terry Mollner

In 1982, Terry Mollner was one of the founders of the first family of socially responsible mutual funds, the Calvert Social Funds (currently with $6 billion under management). He also took the lead to create the Calvert Foundation that has raised and loaned over $1 billion around the world to reduce poverty. In 2000 he tried to buy Ben & Jerry’s and eventually succeeded in having it bought by Unilever. With its board he negotiated a contract that had it remain an independent company, the board remain in existence with him on it, and with a contract that obligates Unilever to allow Ben & Jerry’s to maintain the same percent of the budget for social activism as of the year bought with the board being self-perpetuating. He remains on all three boards and is also a founder and Chair of Stakeholders Capital, Inc., a socially responsible asset management firm in Massachusetts, Illinois, and California. He is the founder and chair of Trusts for All Children, a private sector crowd funding charity with the mission to eventually create a forever-growing trust for poor children as well as assisting parents to create trusts for their children. His latest book, available on Amazon, is Common Good Capitalism Is Inevitable.