Jay Yu

Jay Yu is the Chief Executive Officer of H. Reliant Consulting LLC. Ms. Yu has over a decade of international experience in the corporate sector and government consulting in China, the Middle East and the United States. Her consulting practice focuses on helping Chinese State Enterprises and private entities identify international strategic partners in the areas of infrastructural development, new energy, and technology to form successful collaborations. Prior to H. Reliant Consulting, Ms. Yu served as the CEO of the Foundation for Globalization Cooperation, a strategic partner of the United Nations Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity and a founding member of the Global Cultural Diversity Forum. In this capacity, she led efforts to form a partnership with Harvard University’s Kennedy School to engage senior Chinese leaders and top executives of Chinese companies in the Fortune 500 to collaborate on issues such as Changing Global Institutions, Chinese Enterprises and Globalization, Energy, Environment and Science and Technology. Ms. Yu began her career at Biorem, a successful biotechnology start-up company, where she was in charge of building the company’s R&D laboratory and pioneered several critical initiatives with corporations and organizations such as Monsanto, Sonoco and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Later, she jointed AT&T as a senior analyst where her role and responsibilities in the areas of information and technology ranged from system design to technology selection. Ms. Yu also serves as Secretary General of US-China Public Policy Forum (closed-door event) organized by Harvard’s Kennedy School and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. Ms. Yu earned her MSc in Biotechnology from the University of Waterloo in Canada.